E3D HotEnds - Voltage - 24V

Our Full-Kits for the E3D HotEnds are our most popular product, containing everything you need to get our HotEnds up and running, including all machined HotEnds parts, electronics, and even the little things like screws, heatshrink and ferrules. The easiest and best value way to get up and running with an E3D HotEnd.

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E3D Lite6 - 1,75mm 24VE3D Lite6 - 1,75mm 24V

E3D Lite6 - 1,75mm 24V

€ 41,18
€ 34,03 excl. VAT
A complete set of original hotend lite6 from E3D. (12V) Hotend is very popular among beginners and advanced printers. Its popularity…
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E3D HotEnd v6 - 1,75mm 24VE3D HotEnd v6 - 1,75mm 24V

E3D HotEnd v6 - 1,75mm 24V

€ 76,78
€ 63,45 excl. VAT
The latest version of the popular hotend v6 from the manufacturer - E3D. This is an original not a problems copy from China. This hotend is…