10pcs Brass Insert Threaded M4

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Brass thread inserts into plastic.

To be screwed into the printed piece screw with a diameter of 4 mm? Insert the plastic liner and reinforce this so the whole joint.

The liner can be inserted into the plastic pushing the warming by heating or solder pads and inserting tweezers. More

Product code: 00106

€ 1,43 incl. VAT

Set of 10 pieces of thread inserts into plastic. The inserts are made of brass and are designed for insertion into a printed plastic article.

The liner must be preheated for insertion into plastic.

Using this insert in articles where the screw is screwed, the singing very joint and ensure its long fort. Another use of this insert can find where you want the subject repeatedly screwing the screw.


Inner diameter (thread) 4 mm (M4)

External diameter: 5mm

Length: 5mm