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What is 3DLAC?
Its function is to hold the first layer of plastic so that it does not move at the beginning of the impression, avoiding undesirable faults at the beginning of the process. 3DLAC is the perfect substitute of the Kapton tape and other type of fasteners for the cost savings and Easy application.With a light vaporization on the smooth surface enough for the first layer of plastic to be fully attached to the base. The properties of 3DLAC cause that while the base is hot the extruded plastic by the head is strongly adhered. On cooling, the printed part is released smoothly and without damage.

Their characteristics are:
Its fastening formula is perfect for holding and removing the part after printing is complete. Do not hit, just hold.
A revolutionary spray that will mark a before and after in the exciting world of 3D printing.
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The purpose of 3DLAC® is to make the 3D printing process easier and more successful.

The first layers in the printing process will be fixed with a light 3DLAC® spray on the heated HeatedBed at the point where the part will be printing. This action prevents unwanted effects or deformation. Once the printing process ends and the temperature of the HeatedBed is below 50 ° C the model can be removed without any effort from the bed and no tools are required that could damage the part.

3DLAC® is distributed in an aerosol can as the spray helps distribute the product over the entire surface. The capacity is 400ml, which is about 400 uses.

3DLAC® is the first product that helps 3D printing, being a key factor.

Properties of 3DLAC®:

  • Great adhesion between the base and the melting plastic. 
  • Especially suitable for large parts.
  • Valid for PLA, ABS and many Thermoplastics.
  • Between more base temperature, more adhesion..
  • Once cooled the heatedbed the part is released with ease.
  • Easy to clean with water, it is soluble.
  • Valid for more than 400 uses.

Jednoduché použití, modely skvěle drží na podložce.


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