E3D Lite6 - 1,75mm 24V

A complete set of original hotend lite6 from E3D. (12V)
Hotend is very popular among beginners and advanced printers. Its popularity demonstrates the use of advanced printers Prusa I3 plus.
You can print it with a large number of print materials, starting from the PLA, ABS, PETG and others. More

Manufacturer: E3D Product code: 00178

€ 39,60 incl. VAT
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Lite6 cannot offer the same high-temperature performance as E3D-v6, which means that you can’t print higher-performance engineering plastics like Nylon, Polycarbonate, and ColorFabb Carbon-Fiber XT. The PTFE liner in Lite6 means that there is a temperature limit of 240C. With all of the above said, Lite6 is aimed at the more standard materials, such as ABS and PLA, and it really does produce beautiful looking prints with outstanding reliability. The full length PTFE liner also means you get great performance with flexible materials like NinjaFlex.

Lite6 has a slightly shorter effective melt-zone than v6, which does mean that print speeds are more modest, but still completely appropriate for all but the very fastest of 3D printers on the market. If you do need to get more speed from your machine then you can of course upgrade to either Volcano or v6 with ease.

We know that not everybody needs the all-metal high-temperature performance of an E3D-v6. We’ve come to realise that there exists a need for a hotend that is reliable, and puts out great prints, but meets the budget of those who are just getting started in 3D printing.

Lite6 is our answer to that need. By adopting a PTFE lined, “Mostly Metal” design we’re able to meet what we think is a really awesome price for a fully inclusive set with electronics. That’s a lower price than any other genuine hotend on the market and cheaper than many clones.

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Voltage 24V
Filament diameter 1.75mm