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Spare nozzle for hotends from E3D. The nozzle diameter 0.25 mm is suitable for detailed printing. You will print quality a fine detail with this nozzle. We recommend reduce printing speed for maintaining quality. More >>

The new internal geometry of v6 Nozzles is optimised to reduce back-pressure, this ensures smooth,easy flow of filament whilst improving the effectiveness of retractions. The bottom flat surface of the nozzle which flattens down the layer is custom to each nozzle size, for small nozzles a small nozzle tip gives you high precision. On the larger nozzles, a nozzle tip assists in the smooth printing of larger layers.

Material: brass

Nozzle size: 0,25 mm

The nozzle can be used in hotendech from E3D - v4, v5, v6, lite6 and Kraken.

Nádherně detailní tisk. Tisknutelné i nejmenší detaily, takřka nejsou vidět vrstvy.

Upozorňuji nejedná se o zápor na trysce, jedná se o vlastnost tisku při použití této trysky - 3D tisk s touto tryskou trvá velice dlouho. S tím ale ka ... more

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