Evolution S1 - high quality 3D printer

Evolution S1 - high quality 3D printer

Manufacturer: Siran EvolutionProduct code: 00164 Shipping and Payment

Product is no longer available

Manufacturer: Siran EvolutionProduct code: 00164 Shipping and Payment

Product is no longer available

The Evolution S1 is 3D printer designed for home and corporate use. It use in various areas of human creation - construction, engineering, automotive, advertising, hobby, various design, household, education, education,

It features high precision and print speeds, thanks to a high-quality and stable steel construction with a display. The printer is designed as well.

For more detailed information and video about the Evolution S1 printer, visit our corporate website at www.siranevolution.cz


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Evolution S1 prints any tall object with detailed precision and vibration free! Thanks to a metal and very solid frame made of high-quality steel - a specially designed printer design for maximum frame stiffness by Resl Trade's manufacturer.

Long life of the printer thanks to a steel frame that does not use straps.

The world-renowned and acclaimed Simplify3D software is now included with the built-in 3D Evolution S1 printer.

Simple printing of very soft and hard materials and trouble-free feeding and insertion of material into the nozzle is made possible by a lightweight Titan Aero extruder. This is a reliable solution and easy to handle for beginner users - the world-famous manufacturer E3D-online.

Removing a 3D prints after printing is very easy (you no longer need to use a spatula or a knife) thanks to the FlexPlate built-in magnetic pad which can be easily removed from the print area and bend. The prints themselves will pop up.

Sufficient print area is 220x220x210mm prints.

Solid plastic components with over 50% fillings that are original from Siran Evolution.

Easy operation of the printer thanks to a display with a controller that is in a good position and does not interfere with its location in the top of the steel frame.

Printing from a PC or SD card is up to you. The SD card slot is located next to the display and lets you print from the SD card. USB port for PC connection is a matter of course.

The solid axis of the printer's axis is enhanced by reinforced bars with a diameter of 10mm and using extended bearings.

Large print variability ensures the ability to change nozzles from 0.15mm for very detailed printing up to 0.8mm for very fast printing of larger items.

Perfect 1st layer to print your 3D subject by automatically calibrating the printer before each printing.

A variety of printing materials (supported materials) PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, PVA, PC / ABS, PAJet, ASA, HD PLA, TPE, Ninjaflex, Scaffold, Edge, CFJet, SoftJet.

The luxurious black design fits into every home and corporate environment.

Of course there is quiet operation of the printer.

The height of the layer can be set from 0.05mm.

Print speed up to 200mm / sec.

Evolution S1 is a Czech product, it is made up of quality components, which are from renowned companies.

High-quality Rambo mini from Ultimachine.

3D Printer Specifications:

3D printer color: black and silver

Complete 3D printer dimensions: Height 44 cm, Width 44 cm, Depth 41 cm

Print area: 220 x 220 x 210 mm

Solid steel construction

Integrated LCD

Fast and accurate printing

Layer height from 0.05 mm

Automatically calibrate the print area

Heated aluminum print washer - its use makes it very fast stable temperature

Magnetic Print Pad FlexPlate Buildtak. It can be easily removed and removed from it.

Precise printing thanks to the use of Titan Aero - this Extruder also has extra features: a 3: 1 ratio that provides sufficient strength to deliver very hard and hard materials, and the extruder design is suitable for very soft and flexible materials

Simple Control - Supports PC or SD card printing

Nozzle replacement with a diameter of 0.15 mm - for detailed printing up to 0.8 mm - for fast and fast printing

Average consumption 110 W

Convenient location of the display and card reader in the frame, easy to operate