Filament 1,75 PETG - transparent black 0,5 kg

Filament PM

Transparent black PETG printing material is a very hard and durable print material.
Suitable for printing large and very solid objects.
It prints great and does not feel like printing.

Ideal printing material for industrial components.

The diameter of the print string is 1.75mm.

Net weight 0.5 kg.

Manufacturer: Filament PM Product code: 00156

€ 13,34 incl. VAT

Hard and tough PETG printing material.


- Suitable for printing machine parts (very solid material)

- very resistant to acids and solvents

- heat resistant material

- great to print large prints

- There is no smell of melting material when printing

- great printing properties

String diameter 1.75mm.

Weight of packing 1kg. (tolerance + -5%)


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