Lead screw 2 pieces - Type of trapezoidal nut: Anti backlash trapezoidal nut

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Set two lead screw T8x8 with nut. Suitable for 3D printer as a shift of axis Z.
Lead screw have a diameter 8 mm and a length 30 cm. The thread pitch is 8 mm.
In combination with a flexible coupling can be applied as an upgrade to the existing Z-axis printer Prusa I3. More

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Set 2 lead screws with nuts. Suitable for replacement shift Z-axis 3D printer Prusa I3 or CNC.

You get with exchange of trapeze bars for the original threaded rod with a diameter of 5 mm stronger, firmer, more accurate and faster shift Z axis. You need for replacement components new printed X axis parts ( we can supply on request) and flexible couplings 5/8 mm. It is necessary to modify the firmware and set the right stepping.

Screw Dimensions:

Screw diameter: 8 mm

Scuffling thread: 8 mm

Screw length: 295 mm

Dimensions nut:

Matrix height: 15 mm

1 Outer diameter: 10 mm

2 Outside diameter: 22 mm

Hole spacing: 11 x 11 mm

Diameter holes: 3.5 mm


star 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 Rating value is 5 of 5

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