Drylin Igus is bearing with an inner diameter of 8mm.

It is maintenance-free linear bearings. Their main advantage is resistant to dirt, water, chemicals, resonance or impact.

This type of bearing is a higher level of linear bearings LM8UU. Not only that, you get a higher accuracy, considerably silences your 3D printer or CNC, but the bearings are maintenance-free. More

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Quality and very quiet bearings, which serve as an alternative to the ball bearing LM8UU.

This is a maintenance-free polymer bearings that do not require lubrication. They are resistant to dust, water or chemicals.

Bearings are highly resistant not only because of its geometry, but that of the material from which they are made. Dimensionally interchangeable for ball bearings LM8UU.

Dimensions bearings are:

Inner diameter: 8 mm (tolerance 0.04 mm)

External diameter: 15 mm

Length: 24 mm

We recommend to install such bearings. Printed in the cap. We do not recommend attaching a tightening band that can deform the bearing.