Titan extruder

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Titan extruder is very powerful and lightweight extruder, which delivers high-quality 3D printing.

It is solution for the problems that users have with existing solutions. Additionally, it can be used on a printer Prusa Prusa i3 i3 and MK2.

Titan extruder is suitable for all types of flexible materials to carbon material.

Suitable for filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm or 3 mm. More

Manufacturer: E3D Product code: 75

€ 84,13 incl. VAT
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The well-prepared extruder brings quality and precise printing, but also the possibility of using higher print speed of your 3D printer. Gear 3: 1 is adequate for everyday printing, but also for the printing system Volcano.

Lots of used extruders have problems with extrusion material when printing fine details or when printing narrow nozzle. The result may be a slight ripple on the printout. With the extruder to avoid this again due to large extrusion force and precise control of the retraction.

Firmware Calibration:

Because Titan uses a known gearing ratio and a consistently machined drive gear, we can offer a fairly accurate steps / mm set-point.

Steps per Unit (Extruder) = Motor Steps * Micro-stepping * Gear Ratio / (Hobb Diameter * Pi)

  • Standard motor steps = 200 (or 400)
  • Standard micro-stepping = 16x
  • Gear Ratio = 3
  • Hobb Diameter (Effective) = 7.3
200 * 16 * 3 / (7.3 * 3.142) = 418.5
400 * 16 * 3 / (7.3 * 3.142) = 837

To test your value, mark the filament 120mm from the extruder then extrude 100mm slowly. If you do not measure 20mm after extrusion has finished, you may need to tweak this value.



star 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 Rating value is 5 of 5

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